Business in Sparwood

Sparwood has a wealth of opportunity for businesses.  The local mines provide a stable base of employment as well as the platform for additional businesses that support activities.  This base coupled with the above Provincial average income within the community helps make the case for investment in Sparwood.

Sparwood’s Business Opportunities

Sparwood is welcoming to new business and works with the Chamber to accommodate and facilitate appropriate development.

Recent years have seen an increasing level of interest in business investment in the community with a number of large developments and business expansions underway or slated for construction.  During 2014/2015 the Greenwood Mall has seen internal and external renovations.  During this timeframe, Sparwood will also see construction of a large development to accommodate one of the significant international businesses in town in a new $30 million facility.

An adjacent development will also see a new hotel, fast food outlet and convenience store during the first phase with further retail, restaurant and commercial opportunities to follow.  The District is investing $7 million in the intersection project that will incorporate a tunnel linking part of the development to the main downtown core including an interpretive historical walk starting from the Visitor Centre.

Sparwood has recently implemented a downtown revitalisation tax exemption program to help stimulate development within the downtown core.  This is a great opportunity for investors looking to do business in Sparwood, details can be downloaded here.  For more information you can make contact with The District of Sparwood.