The Team

  • Summer Students

    Please welcome to the Team! Summer 2017

    Visitor Councillors:

    Madison Allen

    Hailey Glover

    Taylor Marchi

    Dane Campbell



  • Bunny Mercereau

    Visitor Councillor

  • The Board

    President: Marjorie Templin

    Vice President: Tammy Ogden

    Past President: Alex Millar

    Treasurer: Tammie Davy

    Directors: Steve Perry,  Justine Bowen, Adrian Pylat and Charles Shoesmith

  • Amy Levesque


  • Beverly MacNaughton

    Executive Director

The Sparwood Chamber of Commerce is managed by Beverly MacNaughton with support from Amy Levesque. The Board of Directors consists of individuals from within the local business community covering the retail, industrial, finance and real estate sectors.